Influence of Tannic Acid on the Formation of α- and β-FeOOH Rust Particles Prepared from Aqueous Fe(II) Solutions

Hidekazu Tanaka, Yuji Nakabayashi, Masahiro Nii, Tatsuo Ishikawa, Takenori Nakayama
2018 Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan  
In order to simulate the atmospheric corrosion of tannic acid-coated steels in industrial and coastal districts, artificial steel rust particles of α-and β-FeOOH were synthesized by aerial oxidation of aqueous Fe 2+ solutions containing various amounts of tannic acid. Increasing addition amount of tannic acid accelerates the formation of amorphous iron-gallic acid complexes to suppress the generation of FeOOH rust. The crystallization and growth of α-FeOOH particles were inhibited by adding
more » ... bited by adding tannic acid, while those of β-FeOOH particles are markedly dependent of addition amount of tannic acid. Accordingly, it can be regarded that the tannic acid eluted from tannic acid-coated steels by atmospheric corrosion strongly affects on the formation of α-and β-FeOOH rust and the effect in coastal area is greater than urban district.
doi:10.4164/sptj.55.269 fatcat:q4usig5ptfbxdk7cyidf7nwsv4