Percutaneous transluminal retrieval of intravascular iatrogenic foreign body by loop-snare technique

Ik Yang, Yup Yoon, Joo Won Lim
1993 Journal of the Korean Radiological Society  
The use of intravacular catheterization for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes increased the incidence of iatrogenic foreign bodies, which might cause many complications such as cardiac arηthmias , perforation of cardiac chamber or blood vessels, sepsis and thromboembolism. The authors experienced 5 cases of successful retrieval of intravascular iatrogenic foreign bodies: three cases of subclavian catheter wire and two cases of subclavian catheter. Subclavian catheter was introduced into
more » ... ight subclavian venous route for hyper허 imentation or central venous pressure monitoring. The forei밍1 bodies were located in superior vena cava and inferior vena cava in four cases and in left main pulmonaη arteη in the other case. We have successufully removed the foreign bodies by interventional procedures. The loop-snare technique is a safe and effective method for retrieval of iatrogenic foreign bodies in great vessels.
doi:10.3348/jkrs.1993.29.5.944 fatcat:xar7cy2265ctvcbnno7yjszfzm