Beam Current Measurements with Sub-Microampere Resolution using CWCT and BCM-CW-E

Frank Stulle, Winfried Barth, Laurent Dupuy, Peter Forck, Maksym Miski-Oglu, Thomas Sieber, Etienne Touzain, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Jansson, Andreas (Ed.), Shea, Thomas (Ed.), Olander, Johan (Ed.)
The CWCT current transformer and its accompanying BCM-CW-E electronics allow accurate, high-resolution beam current measurements. This is achieved by combining a high-droop current transformer with low-noise sample-and-hold electronics. Thanks to a fast response time on the microseconds level the system can be applied not only to CW beams but also macropulses. Pulse repetition rates may range from 10MHz to 500MHz, rendering CWCT and BCM-CW-E suitable for a wide variety of accelerators. We
more » ... on test bench measurements achieving sub-microampere resolution. And we discuss results of beam measurements performed at the cwLINAC (GSI), which confirm the expected performance.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2019-mopp003 fatcat:hpqc3rlrk5fgzmkboomonbr66e