Torsion theories and coverings of preordered groups [article]

Marino Gran, Aline Michel
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this article we explore a non-abelian torsion theory in the category of preordered groups: the objects of its torsion-free subcategory are the partially ordered groups, whereas the objects of the torsion subcategory are groups (with the total order). The reflector from the category of preordered groups to this torsion-free subcategory has stable units, and we prove that it induces a monotone-light factorization system. We describe the coverings relative to the Galois structure naturally
more » ... iated with this reflector, and explain how these coverings can be classified as internal actions of a Galois groupoid. Finally, we prove that in the category of preordered groups there is also a pretorsion theory, whose torsion subcategory can be identified with a category of internal groups. This latter is precisely the subcategory of protomodular objects in the category of preordered groups, as recently discovered by Clementino, Martins-Ferreira, and Montoli.
arXiv:2005.07937v2 fatcat:zivp6r7k45fdjpna7ofj4yksni