Impact of using 2D Animation As a Pedagogical Tool

M.H.M. Wickramasinghe, M.M.T. Wickramasinghe
2021 Psychology (Savannah, Ga.)  
21st-century knowledge economy driven modern curriculum needs students to perceive complex dimensions of knowledge to be intellectually competent [1]The authors have observed that animation is an excellent way of presenting academics in a less complicated form to students as the concepts can be presented lively and engaging students visually. It has been found out that the platform and the learning atmosphere impact on data mining [2]This study was conducted with the main objective to assess
more » ... impact of using 2D animation as an effective teaching tool and to evaluate the most effective learning atmosphere for undergraduate studies. The authors have incorporated a qualitative approach to systematically investigate in-depth the effective use of 2D animation as a teaching tool. The authors have selected 180 business management undergraduate students as the sample of this study.The sample was divided in to two groups where each group comprised of 90 students. One group of students were taught using the 2D animated videos using animated characters relevent to the course module and the other group of students were taught using only the presentation slides created throughMicrosoft power point using only text and images. Through thematic analysis and participant observations, it was found out that there is a direct effect of using animated characters as a teaching tool and it was found out that using 2D animations add more value to the role of a lecturer when delivering through online platforms. This study's findings contribute towards emphasising how effective and innovative teaching techniques can be developed using 2D animations in a classroom environment. Thereby, through positive enhancement of the next generation of leaders' knowledge and attitudes in our country will increase the human intelligence assets in the knowledge-driven economy.
doi:10.17762/pae.v58i1.1283 fatcat:mz5sh7fnt5dbploglq6lco7i7i