High energy physics studies. Progress report. Part I. Experimental program. Part II. Theoretical program. [Summaries of research activities at Ohio State University] [report]

T.A. Romanowski, K. Tanaka, W.W. Wada
1978 unpublished
The Ohio State Univ ersit y Researc h Foundat ion 600 --,54 5. 1314 Kinnear Road a43 Columbu s. Ohio 43212 RESEARCH PROPOSAL to DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY for support of HIGH ENERGY PHYSIC S Renewal of Contract EY-76-C-02 -1545 ABSTRACT Experimental Program: Assembly of an experiment as Fermilab E-531 to measure decay lifetimes, with tagged emulsion of charmed particles produced by high energy neutrinos has been finished and data taking now is in progress. An experiment to measure prompt neutrino
more » ... uction at Fermilab, E-613, was approved and detailed design of it is continuing. Search for parity violation in scattering of polarized protons, an experiment E-446-ZGS at ANL, was performed with the sensitivity of 10-6 for detection of that process and yielded null results. Another run with improved sensitivity of 10-7 is in preparation. Data analysis of the neutrino experiment E-310 at Fermilab will continue. Trimuon events, a new discovery, were identified in that data. Analysis of data on meson production from experiments performed at the ZGS-ANL, E-397, E-420 and E-428, with Charged and Neutral Spectrometer will continue. A new relatively broad resonance (r-70 MeV) with quantum numbers IJP = 00-1 was discovered in the data from E-397. Analysis of beta decay of polarized E-hypherons is in progress. Participation in the design of the experimental areas for the Isabelle colliding proton beam accelerator will continue. Theoretical Program: Topics of current interest in particle theory which will be investigated in the coming year are: the instanton-ant i-instanton QCD gauge fields, discrete symmetries which may determine· quark masses in the SU(2)xU(1) model, calculation of charmed meson production in e+e-collisions and formation of gluon jets, Higgs boson production in pp collisions, calculation of Higgs boson mass in terms of vector boson mass, study of Lagrangians with gauge and Higgs scalar fields, investigation of Faddeev-Popov determinants as related to quantum chr omodynamics, a study of quantum flavor dynamics and anomalies in the axial vector Ward identity and a study of super symmetry as a part of 6 realistic model of leptonic interactions. SUBMITTED BY: 71»" 6-4",-,"(. )4 »91" «iL Gi«« W &46.«
doi:10.2172/6239213 fatcat:7husufbv75blnfi3is7cmbyrni