Double elementary Goldstone Higgs boson production in future linear colliders

Yu-Chen Guo, Chong-Xing Yue, Zhi-Cheng Liu
2018 International Journal of Modern Physics A  
The Elementary Goldstone Higgs (EGH) model is a perturbative extension of the standard model (SM), which identifies the EGH boson as the observed Higgs boson. In this paper, we study pair production of the EGH boson in future linear electron positron colliders. The cross sections in the TeV region can be changed to about -27%, 163% and -34% for the e^+e^-→ Zhh, e^+e^-→νν̅hh, and e^+e^-→ tt̅hh processes with respect to the SM predictions, respectively. According to the expected measurement
more » ... ions, such correction effects might be observed in future linear colliders. In addition, we compare the cross sections of double SM-like Higgs boson production with the predictions in other new physics models.
doi:10.1142/s0217751x18500380 fatcat:2sf25qclrbbl3jm3kwvkpq4wmq