Regularized Zero-Forcing Interference Alignment for the Two-Cell MIMO Interfering Broadcast Channel

Joonwoo Shin, Jaekyun Moon
2013 IEEE Communications Letters  
We present linear transmit-receive filter design strategies for the two-cell multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) interfering broadcast channel (IBC) where inter-cell interference (ICI) exists in addition to inter-user interference (IUI) within the cell. We first formulate a generalized zero-forcing interference alignment (ZF-IA) method capable of handling multiple data streams for each user. We proceed to further adjust the transmitreceive filters based on the minimum
more » ... ted-mean-squareerror (WMSE) principle using the weights obtained from the initial generalized ZF-IA design, in an effort to to enhance the sum-rate performance. In contrast to the existing weightedsum-rate-maximizing scheme, our method does not require an iterative calculation of the weights. Because of this, the proposed scheme, while not designed specifically to maximize the sumrate, is computationally efficient and delivers favorable tradeoffs between performance and information exchange overhead.
doi:10.1109/lcomm.2013.060513.122713 fatcat:qwvfnsuxjfarlouaqhzabdt5eq