Efficient one-step melt-compounding of copolyetheramide/pristine clay nanocomposites using water-injection as intercalating/exfoliating aid

F. Touchaleaume, J. Soulestin, M. Sclavons, J. Devaux, F. Cordenier, P. Van Velthem, J. J. Flat, M. F. Lacrampe, P. Krawczak
2011 eXPRESS Polymer Letters  
Polyether-block-amide (PEBA) /clay nanocomposites were prepared water-assisted by twin-screw extrusion. Both organomodified and pristine (i.e. purified but non-modified) montmorillonite clays were used. A high-pressure differential scanning calorimetry analysis carried out in the processing conditions demonstrated that PEBA/water blend exhibits some miscibility and that amide blocks and water behave as a single phase. In addition to a significant decrease of the melting temperature, water
more » ... rature, water injected into the melt plays a key role among the filler dispersion and prevents the matrix from degradation during melt-extrusion. This process enables the compounding of pristine clay-based nanocomposites whose dispersion state is high enough for the resulting mechanical performances in tension to be at least equivalent to what is reached with organomodified clay. Effects of the nanofiller dispersion onto the macromolecules' mobility are detailed and fracture mechanisms are identified for the various structures.
doi:10.3144/expresspolymlett.2011.106 fatcat:grz5fkgrh5fh3etkdbiatrmnv4