Optimal Recruitment Policy for Manpower Planning Using Equilibrium Distribution

2018 Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences Section A  
In manpower planning, one of the most important variables is duration until a specified event occurs. This is frequently the completed Length of service until leaving a job, which enables us to predict staff turnover. In manpower planning it is commonly the case that employees withdraw from active service for a period of time before returning to take up post at a later date. Such periods of absence are frequently of major concern to employers who are anxious that employees return as soon as
more » ... ible. A model is derived in which the demand for manpower is assumed to be a random variable. Since the demand for manpower is not deterministic, it undergoes fluctuations. It may be noted that the demand distribution satisfies the so called Lack of Memory Property (LMP). Recently, there has been much attention given to higher order equilibrium distributions associated with a given distribution function. In this paper, a optimal recruitment policy has been discussed using Setting Clock Back to Zero(SCBZ) property using Equilibrium distribution. Numerical examples are also highlighted.
doi:10.22147/jusps-a/300302 fatcat:rc3l5hk73zhslens5k47jdykgi