Perturbative strong interaction corrections to the heavy quark semileptonic decay rate

Michael Luke, Martin J. Savage, Mark B. Wise
1995 Physics Letters B  
We calculate the part of the order $\alpha_s^2$ correction to the semileptonic heavy quark decay rate proportional to the number of light quark flavors, and use our result to set the scale for evaluating the strong coupling in the order $\alpha_s$ term according to the scheme of Brodsky, Lepage and Mackenzie. Expressing the decay rate in terms of the heavy quark pole mass $m_Q$, we find the scale for the $\overline{MS}$ strong coupling to be $0.07\, m_Q$. If the decay rate is expressed in terms
more » ... expressed in terms of the $\overline{MS}$ heavy quark mass $\overline m_Q(m_Q)$ then the scale is $0.12\, m_Q$. We use these results along with the existing calculations for hadronic $\tau$ decay to calculate the BLM scale for the nonleptonic decay width and the semileptonic branching ratio. The implications for the value of $|V_{bc}|$ extracted from the inclusive semileptonic $B$ meson decay rate are discussed.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(94)01370-r fatcat:ijqek2jpbnhsxkrv6r3pr2pma4