Evaluating Creativity in Parametric Design Processes and Products: A Pilot Study [chapter]

Ju Hyun Lee, Ning Gu, Julie Jupp, Sue Sherratt
2014 Design Computing and Cognition '12  
Parametric design is an emerging research issue in the design domain. However, our current understanding of creativity in relation to either a process or product standpoint is limited. This paper presents a formal approach for the description and identification of creativity from both perspectives. The framework combines: (i) protocol analysis for encoding cognitive design activities, providing a process-based evaluation of creativity, and (ii) consensual assessment of parametric products,
more » ... ding a product-based evaluation of creativity. The coding scheme is based on the creative acts: Representation, Perception, and Searching for a Solution. The consensual assessment technique is based on a series of creativity evaluations undertaken by an expert panel. The effectiveness of this approach was examined in a pilot study. Findings show the capture of cognitive activities and identification of creative patterns, revealing how they correspond to the creativity levels of parametric design products. The results identify conditions that have the potential to enhance creativity in parametric design. This research provides a promising procedure not yet available and contributes to the development and verification of a formal approach for evaluating creativity in parametric design.
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-9112-0_10 fatcat:fko3i7hpxfh3vppp7tqhbhbxwu