Application Research of Block-Chain Technology in Intelligent Logistics Tracking System

Liucheng Zhang
2018 Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry (WARTIA 2018)   unpublished
With the development of blockchain, blockchain technology has become increasingly mature in recent years, and its digitalization features such as decentralization, trust, openness, transparency, and non-tampering make blockchain technology in various fields. It has received extensive attention, and logistics and supply chain are considered to be one of the industries that are most helpful for improvement. This paper discusses the principle and characteristics of the blockchain. By analyzing the
more » ... n. By analyzing the development status of the blockchain technology and the problems in the development of China's logistics express industry, exploring the application of blockchain technology in the field of logistics. Finally, through summarization and analysis, explore the application of blockchain technology in the creation of intelligent logistics tracking system, so as to provide guarantee for the development of logistics, so that it can better solve the problems of logistics transportation and distribution, parcel settlement, etc., and make the package information more Clearly improve the security of information. Characteristics of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology, as a kind of distributed transaction book, mainly adopts blockchain data structure, distributed node consensus algorithm and cryptography principle, which makes it decentralized, trusted, open and transparent, and cannot be falsified. And traceability and other features. Blockchains are generally divided into three chain structures: public chain, alliance chain and private chain, depending on their application scenarios and design systems.
doi:10.2991/wartia-18.2018.80 fatcat:aqt6jxpbmvgfbajos4jwulism4