Impact of Training Programmes on IT Professionals Performance in Chennai City

D Mohanraj, N Panchanatham
Training is the buzz word in every industry which keeps the employees in the organization fit to industry requirements. Training enables the organization to be flexible, dynamic and competitive and ensures to sustain the present position and strive for rapid growth in the industry. The main purpose this paper is to examine the impact of training programmes on post-training performance of the IT Professionals at selected IT companies from Chennai city. The sample size of the study was 500 IT
more » ... tudy was 500 IT Professionals (i.e. 50 employees from each company). The Stratified random sampling was used to choose the samples from each strata i.e. IT Company. The survey method of data collection was used structured questionnaire. The findings of the descriptive statistical analysis revealed that the IT professionals were moderately satisfied with the reaction to training, behavioural change, and adaptive performance. They were more satisfied with the skills acquisition, effect of training, return on investment, task performance, and contextual performance. The results of the regression model derived also explored that all the sub-constructs of training evaluation have a robust relationship with the post-training performance of the IT Professionals from the selected IT companies at Chennai city.