Triple layered Security on Android based SMS transaction

Tamal Biswas
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
In this paper, the authors have proposed a triple layer encryption technique for Short Message Service (SMS), which is secure, fast, and data is encrypted strongly. SMS is a very popular way for mobile phone and portable device users to send and receive simple text messages. Unfortunately, SMS does not offer a secure environment for confidential data during transmission. The proposed more secured and advanced SMS encryption technique on android application has some stages. In first stage, SMS
more » ... first stage, SMS or any image is converted to byte and then it is converted to hexadecimal number and some bit manipulation is done. In the second step, a mapping table is used to convert each hex digit to alphabet using a predefined conversion table and then hill cipher is applied. Finally, AES encryption is used to ensure the algorithm is secure and non-vulnerable. The proposed algorithm primarily designed for android SMS transaction can be used for image or message containing any alphanumeric or special characters.