The Relationship Between EFL Underachievers' Reading Comprehension Skills and their Writing Performance

هاله عبد العزیز, محمد فاروق عبدالسمیع علی الخبیری, منى امام
2020 مجلة جامعة الفیوم للعلوم التربویة والنفسیة  
The present research paper is a correlation study that aimed at exploring the relationship between reading comprehension skills level and composition writing performance for EFL underachievers. The study sample was 80 low intermediate-level students at El Tawfik Preparatory school for girls in El Fayoum Governorate in their first semester of the academic year (2018/2019). The participants' age ranged between twelve and thirteen years old. The low achieving students were selected based on their
more » ... cores in the reading comprehension and achievement pre-tests. The lowest 25% of them were considered underachievers. The measurement instruments were (1) a reading comprehension skills test (the post-test version, Form B) and (2) a composition writing task. The two instruments were prepared by the researcher. Pearson correlation coefficient between the two study variables was computed. Results indicated a statistically significant positive correlation between reading comprehension skills level and composition writing performance in EFL at (0.01) level. That is, the higher students' scores in reading comprehension skills, the higher their scores in EFL composition writing and vice versa. Practical implications of these findings are discussed.
doi:10.21608/jfust.2020.267718 fatcat:l4wmkoaesvdflismc6olit5bry