A Proposed Simulation Model of Automatic Machine For House Paint Selection Using Finite State Automata

2015 International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research  
One important criterion considered by the public at the time of house selection or property is the aspect of house paint colors. Principally, the selection of house paint is not exessively complicated, but if the homeowner does not have enough knowledge about how to make a good combination with the paint color, the consequence is the color of choice is not in accordance with their expected. This study aims to provide a simulation of how to do a combination of paint color selection using
more » ... d machines. The method used in the design of this model is the Prototype method and blackbox testing to ensure the system is made valid and reliable. In the mean while, the approach automata models used are Finite State Automata (FSA) has the characteristics due to work by identifying and capturing the pattern in the compilation process of determining the color of wall paint the house. This paper also resulted in the identification of input symbols, FSA-NFA diagrams, rules production, NFA, equivalence transition table of FSA-DFA, and FSA-DFA transition diagram. At the same time, in the design of a prototype, also produced mockup simulation applications in order to generate automatic machine house paint selection. Thus, problems such as confusion and lack of knowledge of homeowners against a combination of paint colors can be overcome properly.
doi:10.7753/ijcatr0412.1007 fatcat:xx2w5al6dvbndfaenjiccrwp7i