Buletinul Ştiinţific al Universităţii Politehnica Timişoara Teaching Collocations in a Creative Manner

Seria Limbi, Roxana Ghiță
2015 Transactions on Modern Languages   unpublished
Collocations are one of the most elusive aspect of the lexical system, thus one the hardest for learners to acquire. Even the slightest adjustment to the collocations by substituting one of its components for a synonym might turn the text into non-standard English. Teaching collocations is an essential part of teaching vocabulary, as they provide students with the most natural way of saying something, they can offer alternative ways of expressing an idea, helping avoid repetitions and they can
more » ... tions and they can improve the students' style in writing, giving a text more variety. The aim of this paper is to present several creative ways of teaching collocations, which make both the teaching and the learning process more entertaining and enjoyable, and provide students with sources of authentic and varied language.