An Activity-Performer Bipartite Matrix Generation Algorithm for Analyzing Workflow-supported Human-Resource Affiliations
워크플로우 기반 인적 자원 소속성 분석을 위한 업무-수행자 이분 행렬 생성 알고리즘

Hyun Ahn, Kwanghoon Kim
2013 Journal of Internet Computing and services  
In this paper, we propose an activity-performer bipartite matrix generation algorithm for analyzing workflow-supported human-resource affiliations in a workflow model. The workflow-supported human-resource means that all performers of the organization managed by a workflow management system have to be affiliated with a certain set of activities in enacting the corresponding workflow model. We define an activity-performer affiliation network model that is a special type of social networks
more » ... ial networks representing affiliation relationships between a group of performers and a group of activities in workflow models. The algorithm proposed in this paper generates a bipartite matrix from the activity-performer affiliation network model(APANM). Eventually, the generated activity-performer bipartite matrix can be used to analyze social network properties such as, centrality, density, and correlation, and to enable the organization to obtain the workflow-supported human-resource affiliations knowledge.
doi:10.7472/jksii.2013.14.2.25 fatcat:oja2mlkgznad5aesndxwvoqcb4