Duke Ernest's Opera "Santa Chiara"

Albert Zollinger
1893 The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular  
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more » ... EDITOR OF " THE MUSICAL TIMES." SIR,-I see there has been a good deal of discussion on the song of the yellow-hammer. Will you kindly insert the following, which I have found to be correct in Cornwall ?-a; >s -As C r This is quite correct as regards the notation, but the yellow-hammer has a tendency to sharpen slightly the D, and instead of B, a note a quarter-tone between B and B flat, thereby flattening the B. This is, of course, very unmusical.-Yours, &c., Cornwall, September IO, I893. H. T. B. P.S. To render the proper eSect of the bird the notes will have to be played in the uppermost octave of the pianoforte. - TO CORRESPONDENTS. +** Notices of concerts, and other information s}pplied by our fricncts in the cogntry, must be fotwarded as early as possible after thc occxrrence * otherwise they cannot be inserted . Our corres ponderl is mgst specifically denote the date of each concert, for without sech d ate no notice can be taken of the performAnce. Our correspondents will oblige by writing all names as clearly as possiblc, as we caxnot be responsible for any mistakes that may occtr. Cotrespondents are informed that their sames and addresses must accompany all comrtznnications. We cannot xndertake to retgrn offeted contribxtions-the agthoss therefore, will do well to retaxn copies. Notice is sent to all subscribers whose payment (in advance) is exhausted. The paper will be discoszti7tted where the Subscription is not tenewed. We again renxind those who are disappoitated in obtaining back ngmbers that, although the music is always kept in stock, orZy a suffcient quantit) of the rest of the paper is printed to supply the current sale.
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