New Corneal Reflection Removal Method Used In Iris Recognition System

Walid Aydi, Nouri Masmoudi, Lotfi Kamoun
2011 Zenodo  
Images of human iris contain specular highlights due to the reflective properties of the cornea. This corneal reflection causes many errors not only in iris and pupil center estimation but also to locate iris and pupil boundaries especially for methods that use active contour. Each iris recognition system has four steps: Segmentation, Normalization, Encoding and Matching. In order to address the corneal reflection, a novel reflection removal method is proposed in this paper. Comparative
more » ... nts of two existing methods for reflection removal method are evaluated on CASIA iris image databases V3. The experimental results reveal that the proposed algorithm provides higher performance in reflection removal.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1329056 fatcat:q46dqu5qvvhdrejmgnft4hwcdq