Real-time Scalable Dense Surfel Mapping [article]

Kaixuan Wang and Fei Gao and Shaojie Shen
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we propose a novel dense surfel mapping system that scales well in different environments with only CPU computation. Using a sparse SLAM system to estimate camera poses, the proposed mapping system can fuse intensity images and depth images into a globally consistent model. The system is carefully designed so that it can build from room-scale environments to urban-scale environments using depth images from RGB-D cameras, stereo cameras or even a monocular camera. First,
more » ... s extracted from both intensity and depth images are used to model surfels in the system. superpixel-based surfels make our method both run-time efficient and memory efficient. Second, surfels are further organized according to the pose graph of the SLAM system to achieve O(1) fusion time regardless of the scale of reconstructed models. Third, a fast map deformation using the optimized pose graph enables the map to achieve global consistency in real-time. The proposed surfel mapping system is compared with other state-of-the-art methods on synthetic datasets. The performances of urban-scale and room-scale reconstruction are demonstrated using the KITTI dataset and autonomous aggressive flights, respectively. The code is available for the benefit of the community.
arXiv:1909.04250v1 fatcat:y6icd3zgi5agjd27hk5etyq6pq