Applications in Ilal Al-Hadith by Ibn Abi Hatim Al-Razi: The Ninety-Seventh Issue as an Example

Maria Bassam Mohammed Abdelrahman
2022 Dirasat Shari a and Law Sciences  
Objectives: This study aims to reveal the importance of critical practice, and to explain the methodology of reasoning in the ninety-seventh issue in Kitaab Al'ilal by Ibn Abi Hatim Al-Razi with the identification of the cause and the jurisprudential subject. It also aims to compare between the explanatory plan adopted by Ibn Abi Hatim and other critics who dealt with the same issue. Methods: This study followed the method of modern critics of hadith in reasoning in induction, analysis and
more » ... tion. Results: One of the most important results of the study is the accuracy of the explanatory approach of the first critics to the extent that they almost agreed on the reason. The study concluded with the importance of the explanatory practice, which is based on collecting the sayings of critics and studying the hadith. Conclusions: The study recommended the necessity of conducting applied critical studies to practice the correct methodology in criticism.
doi:10.35516/law.v49i2.1511 fatcat:gwnmvnp3gvf57ib66ukqznmcx4