Evaluation of modified Cenchrus americanus starch as disintegrant in formulation of chlorpheniramine maleate tablets

Nkemakolam Nwachukwu, Toluwalope Victor Oyebola
2022 GSC Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
The aim of this research was to investigate the disintegrant properties of modified Cenchrus americanus starch (MCS) in chlorpheniramine maleate tablets formulation. The matured seeds of C. americanus were steeped in 4 L of 0.25 % w/v sodium hydroxide at 5 °C for 24h, washed, soaked in distilled water (30 ± 2 °C) for 24 h, and wet milled. The slurry was washed with distilled water through a 200 mesh screen, and the filtrate left undisturbed for 18 h. The top layer sediment was scrapped off, and
more » ... the starch re-suspended with water. Further washing and sedimentation was done until the top layer of the starch became white. The starch was dried at 40 °C, defatted using Petroleum-Ether, air dried, sized (125µm) and characterized using standard methods. The MCS was used at 5, 10 and 15 % w/w as disintegrant in the formulation of chlorpheniramine maleate granules using the wet granulation method. Primogel at similar concentrations was used as comparing standard. Characterization of the granules for densities and flowability were done. Chlorpheniramine maleate tablets compressed from these granules were evaluated for uniformity of weight, hardness, disintegration time, assay and dissolution. Results showed poor flow properties for the MCS powder while the chlorpheniramine granules exhibited good flow. The tablets showed minimal variation in weight, good hardness (6.06±0.10 - 8.07±1.31 kgF), disintegration time (< 7 min), friability (< 1 %), and dissolution of more than 80 % within 30 min. The MCS compared favourably with primogel as disintegrant in chlorpheniramine tablets formulation and met with British Pharmacopoeia set limits.
doi:10.30574/gscbps.2022.21.3.0457 fatcat:dgjqn4ngjbastciavpgmzxvwcu