Degradation Characteristics of Cationic Red X-GRL with Gd, La Co-doped PbO2 Electrode

Weidong Li, Huayun Yang, Qi Liu
2015 Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems  
To enhance the degradation efficiency as purpose, the Gd2O3 and La2O3 were doped in the lead dioxide electrode by the thermal decomposition and electro-deposition technique for the treatment of simulated wastewater containing cationic red X-GRL (X-GRL). The optimized molar ratio of Pb:Gd:La of 200mol:3mol:1mol, and the optimal degradation conditions of current density 50 mA/cm2, 0.1 mol/L Na2SO4, initial quality concentration of X-GRL 100 mg/L, after 2 h degradation, the X-GRL and TOC removal
more » ... reached 97.81% and 51.28%, respectively. The efficiency of combustion (ηc) of rare earth co-doped electrode was increased by 0.257 than that of un-doped electrode.
doi:10.14447/jnmes.v18i3.360 fatcat:voiw33zkeve2xbtyxgmtrunvnq