Reasons, Reason, and Context [chapter]

Daniel Fogal
2016 Weighing Reasons  
Language [is] one of the principal instruments or helps of thought; and any imperfection in the instrument, or in the mode of employing it, is confessedly liable, still more than in almost any other art, to confuse and impede the process, and destroy all ground of confidence in the result. For a mind not previously versed in the meaning and right use of the various kinds of words, to attempt the study of methods of philosophizing, would be as if some one should attempt to become an astronomical
more » ... observer, having never learned to adjust the focal distance of his optical instruments so as to see distinctly. -J.S. Mill, Logic A slightly shorter version of this paper is forthcoming in Weighing Reasons (Oxford University 1 Press), eds. Errol Lord and Barry Maguire.
doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199315192.003.0004 fatcat:wgbedlyjxjbkpixpwdii72hkfe