A Study on Decentralized under Voltage Load Shedding Scheme for Preventing Wide-area Black Out
광역정전 예방을 위한 분산형 부하 제어 방안에 대한 연구

Yun-Hwan Lee
2014 The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers P  
An electric power system sometimes fails because of disturbances that occur unexpectedly, such as the uncontrolled loss of load that developed from cascading blackout. Which make stability through a little of under voltage load shedding should work. The development of phasor measurement unit(PMU) makes network supervision possible. The information obtained from PMU is synchronized by global positioning system(GPS). There are many real-time algorithms which are monitoring the voltage stability.
more » ... his paper presents the study on the VILS(Voltage Instability Load Shedding) using PMU data. This algorithm computes Voltage Stability Margin Index(VSMI) continuously to track the voltage stability margin at local bus level. The VSMI is expressed as active and reactive power. The VSMI is used as an criterion for load shedding. In order to examine the algorithm is effective, applied to KEPCO system.
doi:10.5370/kieep.2014.63.1.001 fatcat:wbs7loku35f47fxcdobultzpbm