A new signature for gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking [report]

D.A. Dicus, B. Dutta, S. Nandi
1997 unpublished
In theories with gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking, the scalar tau, (τ 1 ) is the lightest superpartner for a large range of the parameter space. At the large electron positron collider (LEP 2) this scenario can give rise to events with four τ leptons and large missing energy. Two of the τ 's ( coming from the decays ofτ 1 's ) will have large energy and transverse momentum, and can have similar sign electrical charges. Such events are very different from the usual photonic events that have
more » ... ic events that have been widely studied, and could be a very
doi:10.2172/466851 fatcat:fddg6vzr3ncslexgqayzbzxzfy