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Many existing software, the providing of faciltty of expansion and also price which is cheap relative, representing some fasl cause him usage of IBM computer of PC in so many area. IBM of PC provide slot of expansion as mode to deal with extemal world. For the puryose needed technique of intefacing, thal is tnstallingcard IBM s/olof PC. In sysfemrequiringdatainpulo{parallel of PCcan beused ParallelPort with Mode Standard to run process. Development of technique of interface application at
more » ... pplication at minimum syslem of DSI-51. Application of technique of inteface fhis used many system alarm, universal control remate, data wkeless af communication. Application of this inteface can be used as Mreless Pinter by enhancing Module of lnfrared Transceiver like lRB510 for cammunicafrbns to use media of infrared and ar Module of FM Transceiver for communications to use media waving FM and a microcontraller to dealwith printer to print. This lnteface eam also used for the application of usage a PC Parallel Port by some frurt of printer at the same time sa that lhe printer-prinler will print data delivered by PC concurrently in place which is far (for the FM OF Wireless Communication).