pH Scale Buffer and Solvent Effects on the UV Absorption Spectra of Cefixime Trihydrate

Elsadig H. Kh. Adam
2017 International Journal of Current Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Behavior study of substances is often performed by different methods to provide a lot of information about these substances. The present study describes behavior of cefixime trihydrate (CEF-3H2O) which was carried out by pH buffer solutions and different polarity solvents. Solutions with different pH were showed different UV absorption spectra for each pH, revealed a red shifted as compared with UV absorption spectra of drug in less pH (2) as reference. Different polarity solvents of water,
more » ... anol and ethanol were used and appeared different UV absorption spectra that showed a bathochromic shift behavior considering UV absorption spectra of water as reference, all spectra intersects at certain  289 nm (isosbestic point). Hypsochromic shift (blue shift) of cefixime trihydrate occur with solvents of HCl and NaOH and showed isosbestic point at 254 nm.
doi:10.22192/ijcrcps.2017.04.04.001 fatcat:6rcp6u26rvd3peeplswjkgu6za