Detection of curved road edges in radar images via deformable templates

Bing Ma, S. Lakshmanan, A.O. Hero
Proceedings of International Conference on Image Processing  
Three methods of detecting road edges in millimeterwaue radar images are presented i n this paper. All of t h e m are based o n deformable template priors and rand o m field likelihoods. T h e first method is formulated in a Bayesian setting and employs a n adaptive M A P esti- mate. T h e second method is a modification of the first, using a novel weighting scheme. T h e third method is based o n a three-region indicator matrix which is used to impose the non-linear constraints implicit o n
more » ... d geometry via addition of a s u m of quasi-quadratic matrix f o r m s to the log-normal likelihood. Unlike the first two methods, that employ the Metropolis algorithm t o find the optimal road edges, the third method uses a deterministic recursive scheme designed to find the optimal indicator matrix. Experimental results are presented to show the advantages of these methods.
doi:10.1109/icip.1997.648101 dblp:conf/icip/MaLH97 fatcat:5pv7rs6qbnc5joxvhplfms3ida