The State Fair

1854 Scientific American  
� titntifit �mtritan + �titntifft �mtritan+ exercise of a scrupulous vigilance. The Su-Palace will be constituted a bonded ware NEW YORK, OCTOBER 7, 1854. perintendent of a railroad is the most impor tant personage connected with it in its work ing capacity, and it is a notorious fact that a number of railroads which, under one super intendence, were quite succeBBful, have become failures under other superintendence. Mana&'ement of Rallroac1& A superintendent should be a thorough prac- The
more » ... oad system of this country, with tical man, possessed of indomitable energy, its thoUsands of miles of iron arteries, through decision, skill, sagacity, and honesty, so that which 1!.ows the life blood of our inland com-he may be able to work the road to the best ad merce, affords, at the present period, matter vantage. lt is a well known fact that on many for deep refl ection. The immense importance of our railroads there are swarms of uselelis to the community of a judicious system of officials-hangers on-the relatives of the railroads, can scarcely be exaggerated. The Directors, whose whole merits consist in con value of a railroad, not only to the cities and suming the extra earnings of the company. villages which are connected with it, but to There is great nliceBBity for a pruning reform the districts through which it passes, cannot in this respect. Great care should be exer be over-estimated. It opens up new branch-cisel;! in the choice of engineers, conductorR, house; and at the close of the exhibition the
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10071854-29e fatcat:zvm4ytsk4fb3dkdl4e3ryonqqe