Challenges of tourism marketing in the digital, global economy [chapter]

Simon Hudson
The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Marketing  
Purpose: This research has a purpose to know how PT. Granting Jaya implementing a digital marketing strategy to promote the Atlantis Land Surabaya theme park in the field of one of the tourism services located in Surabaya city. The Mayor of Surabaya has established the Atlantis Land area as an integrated marine tourism area since 2017. Ria Kenjeran Beach (Kenjeran Park) previously managed by the Government of Surabaya. Methodology: This study uses a qualitative approach and interview techniques
more » ... nterview techniques for collecting material that is done with the question and answers verbally unilaterally face to face. Main Finding: The results of the study found that PT. Granting Jaya prefers to use Social Media as a Digital Marketing Strategy is a way to promote a new brand, build preference, and increase the visitors of Atlantis Land Surabaya through Instagram Strategic Marketing. Implications/ Applications: This research can have implications for the selection and use of promotions more precisely through social media. Because the novelty in this study can be applied to attracting the number of visitors in the world of tourism, especially in Surabaya and surrounding areas.
doi:10.4324/9781315858265.ch35 fatcat:bevenre7hvaq5l5usrd25hjw7m