Damage Quantification in Metal Matrix Composites [chapter]

G. Z. Voyiadjis, A. R. Venson, R. K. Abu-Alrub
Recent Advances in Experimental Mechanics  
An experimental procedure is presented to quantify damage in terms of microcrack density. This is accomplished by experimentally evaluating the components of a second-order damage tensor for a metal matrix composite material. The procedure involves the use of a scanning electron microscope and image analyzing software to quantify physical damage features found on a representative volume element. These features are quantified in terms of crack density, which is used in developing the
more » ... damage tensor. This procedure is applied to a titanium aluminide SiCreinforced laminate. Laminates of the following staking sequences, and are tested under uniaxial tensile loadings. Damage evolution is obtained by loading the specimens over a range of load intensities from rupture load down to 70% rupture load. A proposed formulation for a coupled anisotropic damage model for the inelastic response of composite materials is presented in this work.
doi:10.1007/0-306-48410-2_11 fatcat:nx2k36345jgu5h6lht2o4l544y