On Some Peri-Mediterranean Lower Cretaceous Dasyclad Species (Calcareous Algae; Dasycladales) Previously Assigned to Different Genera

Branko Sokač
2004 Geologia Croatica  
The taxonomic position of some dasyclad species which were previouslyassigned to the same taxon or, alternatively, were assigned todifferent genera by different authors, is discussed and revised, respectively.The material described and figured as Cylindroporella lyrataMASSE & LUPERTO-SINNI is shown to be heterogeneous (alsopartly described as Salpingoporella robusta SOKAČ) and some figuredsections are shown to possess new characteristic features. Theseforms are therefore singled out and
more » ... d as Biokoviella n.gen.with two species: B. robusta (SOKAČ) n.comb. and B. gusici n.sp.Macroporella aptiensis SOKAČ is shown to represent the infertile(sterile) forms of Neomeris cretacea STEINMANN and, consequently,has to be regarded as the younger objective synonym of the latter.New material, with clearly visible morphological characteristics,has enabled the "resurrection” of the controversial genus KorkyrellaSOKAČ & VELIĆ, 1981, and its species, K. texana (JOHNSON),which was originally invalidly described.
doi:10.4154/gc.2004.02 doaj:465317754f5d4b198c1f4b8fe9e3562a fatcat:xzjkwh2jwjhjxlpl4niqfglgzy