Hormonal changes and redox imbalance in nicotine-induced testicular toxicity: the mitigating influence of D-ribose l-cysteine

Victor O. Ukwenya, Toluwase S. Olawuyi, Afodun M. Adam, Moses U. Ukwenya
2020 Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology  
The effects of D-ribose L-cysteine on nicotine-induced testicular toxicity in male Wistar rats were examined in this study. Twenty healthy adult male Wistar rats with an average weight of 200 g were grouped as normal control, nicotine (2 mg/kg), D-ribose L-cysteine (30 mg/kg) + nicotine (2 mg/kg), and D-ribose L-cysteine (30 mg/kg). The animals were administered intraperitoneally for 35 days consecutively. Epididymal sperm concentration, motile count, total counts, morphology, and progressive
more » ... sessment were estimated. Antioxidant levels, tissue protein and testicular histology were also assessed. Results: This study showed reduced antioxidant levels (catalase, super-dioxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase) and increased malondialdehyde levels in the nicotine group relative to normal control group, D-ribose L-cysteine group and D-ribose L-cysteine + nicotine group. This study also showed significant reduction in testicular mass, sperm motile count, concentration, total count, and morphology in nicotine group (p < 0.05) compared to normal control group and D-ribose L-cysteine groups. There was improvement in sperm motility, viability, morphology, counts, in group co-treated with D-ribose L-cysteine, and nicotine relative to nicotine group. Likewise, the degenerative seminiferous tubule histoarchitecture due to nicotine was improved by D-ribose L-cysteine. Notably, the D-ribose L-cysteine group showed superlative values in all investigated parameters relative to the other groups. Conclusion: This study demonstrated the ability of D-ribose L-cysteine to mitigate the toxic effects of nicotine on reproductive functions in male Wistar rats. It also demonstrated the pro-spermatogenic properties of the compound in boosting andrological parameters.
doi:10.1186/s41936-020-00173-z fatcat:77cp6vxmwfa3jjcmzw453jqnau