CSEIT1726115 | Security Enhancement of TDMRC Encryption System by Increasing Randomness

Antu Thomas, Varghese Paul
International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology © 2017 IJSRCSEIT   unpublished
Time Dependant Multiple Random Cipher Code is a novel approach in cryptography. It follows a symmetric key method and a poly-alphabetic substitution coding system. TDMRC is 'Mega Extended ASCII Code'. Complexities involved in TDMRC Code are Time Dependency, Poly Alphabetic Nature and use of Pseudo Random number generation technique for code generation. Key of TDMRC Code consists of three elements Master Key that is derived from Real Time Clock, Poly Alphabetic Coefficient(PAC), P, that decides
more » ... he block size and P number of 4 digit subkeys. Randomness comes at three points in the algorithm while deciding PAC(P), while deciding P number of subkeys and while deciding P number of random series. Thus randomness can be improved by enhancing the random number generator Linear Congruential Generator(LCG) used in TDMRC.In this paper improved behaviour of Nested Linear Congruential Generator(NLCG) is coupled with TDMRC to improve the behaviour of TDMRC.