The Influence of Geological Formation on the Pore Size Distribution And Compressibility of Coal

Fei Wang, Yuanping Cheng
In order to study the influence of geological formation on pore characteristics in coal, two tectonic coal samples and two original coal samples were collected respectively near the Mafangquan Fault in Jiulishan Mine. Pore size distribution, pore compressibility, proximate analysis, sorption capability, and soundness coefficient of four coal samples were analyzed and compared in this paper. The results of my study are as follows: 1) Geological formation increases moisture and ash content of
more » ... and reduces the fixed carbon content, sorption ability and soundness coefficient. 2) Geological formation compresses not only coal matrix but also pores in coal, and prevents the promotion of coalification on micropore development, which results in the fact that the pores in tectonic coal is lower than that in original coal. 3) Pore compressibility of coal decreases with pressure increasing, while pore compressibility of tectonic coal is lower than that of original coal, which shows that the geological formation reduces the pore compressibility of coal.