Isolation, Production and Optimization of Cellulase from a Combination of Aspergillus Niger and Trichoderma Viride Isolated from Decaying Woods

Burah B
2018 International Journal of Biochemistry & Physiology  
Cellulase is an enzyme that is capable of hydrolyzing the complex organic form of cellulose into simple sugar (glucose). Cellulase production by a combination of Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma viride isolated from decaying woods were investigated and optimized in this study. Standard methods were used to assay for the cellulase activity. During the time course production of cellulase, it was observed that cellulase production was maximum (9.51µmol/min) at 120 hours of incubation. Increase in
more » ... substrate concentration increased enzyme activity. Maximum cellulase activity (10.61µmol/min) produced by Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma viride was observed at pH 7 while the optimum temperature was at 35 °C. In conclusion, it might not be suitable to use cellulase from this study above pH 7 and temperature above 35 °C for industrial purposes.
doi:10.23880/ijbp-16000139 fatcat:5jhpe5jmbrehbgzht27ocgveum