Advances in Fibre Production Science in South American Camelids and other Fibre Animals [book]

Martina Gerken, Carlo Renieri, Daniel Allain, Hugh Galbraith, Juan Pablo Gutiérrez, Lisa McKenna, Roman Niznikowski, Maria Wurzinger
Animal fibres from South American camelids and other fibre or wool bearing species provide important products for use by the human population. The contemporary context includes the competition with petrocarbon-based artificial fibres and concern about excessive persistence of these in the natural environment. Animal fibres present highly valuable characteristics for sustainable production and processing as they are both natural and renewable. On the other hand, their use is recognised to depend
more » ... on availability of appropriate quality and quantity, the production of which is underpinned by a range of sciences and processes which support development to meet market requirements. Such support includes the efforts of the Animal Fibre Working Group (AFWG) of the European Federation of Animal Sciences (EAAP) which was instituted in 2007 and tasked with creating a network for investigation and dissemination of information in Europe and internationally. One task has been the organisation of scientific meetings, and continuing the tradition of previous European Symposia on South American camelids. These include the recent 5 th Meeting in Sevilla (Spain: 2010) and 6 th Meeting at EAAP, Nantes (France: 2013). References to these and other meetings, workshops and publications may be found on the AFWG website: sions-working-groups/animal-fiber-working-group/. The present publication derives from the 7 th European Symposium on South American Camelids and 3 rd European Meeting on Fibre Animals
doi:10.17875/gup2019-1158 fatcat:23kqvpiepzgtdjuih2p6irjfbm