Impact of Different Active-Speech-Ratios on PESQ's Predictions in Simulated VoIP Environment

Peter Počta, Jan Holub, Miroslava Mrvová
2009 Acta Acustica united with Acustica  
In this work, we experimentally study howbehaviour of the PESQ predictions varies with reference signal characteristic. In particular we investigate the impact of different Active-Speech-Ratios on speech quality prediction in simulated Vo IP environment from objective and subjective testing point of view. This reference signal characteristic is defined very broadly by ITU-T Recommendation P. 862.3.T hat is the reason to investigate an impact of this characteristic on speech quality prediction
more » ... uality prediction more in-depth. We assess the variability of PESQ's predictions with respect to Active-Speech-Ratio and network conditions, as well as their accuracy, by comparing the predictions with subjective assessments. PACS no. 43.71.Gv,43.72.Kb 950 ©S.Hirzel Verlag · EAA Počta et al.:P ESQ'sbehaviour under different ASR ACTA ACUSTICA UNITED WITH ACUSTICA Vol. 95 (2009)
doi:10.3813/aaa.918225 fatcat:7g35lyxacraopawslazasanfgy