ActA Protozoologica

Xinpeng Fan, Yuan Xu, Fukang Gu, Jiqiu Li, Saleh Al-Farraj, Khaled Al-Rasheid, Xiaozhong Hu
2015 Acta Protozool   unpublished
Morphology of Two Novel Species of Chaenea (Ciliophora, Litostomatea): Chaenea paucistriata spec. nov. and C. sinica spec. nov. Abstract. During faunistic studies of ciliates in coastal waters of Daya Bay and Bohai Bay, China, two previously unknown ciliates were discovered and investigated using standard taxonomic methods. Morphological comparative analyses revealed that they represent two novel species in the genus Chaenea. Chaenea paucistriata spec. nov. can be distinguished from its
more » ... ed from its congeners by the following traits: body length in vivo about 180-250 µm; eight somatic kineties; dorsal brush rows 1-4 consisting of three, five, seven, and two dikinetids, respectively; rod-like extrusomes, 8 µm long; 63-94 macronuclei; cortical granules minute and colourless. Chaenea sinica spec. nov. differs from its congeners in having: body length in vivo about 140-240 µm; 17-21 somatic kineties; dorsal brush rows 1-4 consisting of 3-7, 10 or 11, 11-13, and 3-6 dikinetids, respectively; rod-like extrusomes about 6-8 µm long; 71-164 macronuclei. A key is presented to assist the identification of all Chaenea species.