Time Dependent Interaction between Electromagnetic Wave and Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Using Fluid Model
유체 모델을 이용한 유전체 장벽 방전 플라즈마와 전자기파 간의 시간 의존적 상호 작용 분석

Yuna Kim, Il-Young Oh, Inkyun Jung, Yongjun Hong, Jong-Gwan Yook
2014 The Journal of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science  
In determining interaction between plasma and electromagnetic wave, plasma frequency and collision frequency are two key parameters. They are derived from electron density and temperature, which vary in an extremely wide range, depending on a plasma generator. Because the parameters are usually unknown, traditional researches have utilized simplified electron density model and constant electron temperature approximation. Introduction of plasma fluid model to electromagnetics is suggested to
more » ... is suggested to utilize relatively precise time dependent variables for given generator. Dielectric barrier discharge(DBD) generator is selected due to its simple geometry which allows us to use one dimensional analysis. Time dependent property is analyzed when microwave is launched toward parallel plate DBD plasma. Afterwards, attenuation tendency with the change of electron density and temperature is demonstrated.
doi:10.5515/kjkiees.2014.25.8.857 fatcat:kkijufjmlzepvkrilhcncqy5eq