Timothy K. Peter, Mercelline N. Waswa, Antone O. Oloo
2018 Journal of Security Studies and Global Politics  
A global crisis that has left continents and countries wage a lingering battle to their recession as they put up an enspirited battle to form a concerted approach to solve the puzzle. This global phenomenon has formed a base of linking it to a number of security insurgence that seems to affect their development hence developing their own ingenuity to survive. This study will look forward to unravel the puzzle of unemployment in relation to insecurity in Kenya. The study will be guided by the
more » ... lowing objectives: To examine the alternatives that the government has put in place to curb unemployment, to evaluate the social contract in addressing the job challenges looms and lastly to respond to the increasing demands of security insurgence. The study will be informed and directed by an interdisciplinary approach by use of the Second Law of thermodynamics in explaining the cause and effect in the looming job challenges called Law of Entropy. The study found out that institutional decay (through nepotism), education (inclusive growth), Governance (governments and accruing economic strife) are some of the key components to the unemployment puzzle towards insecurity and sustainable peace
doi:10.33865/jssgp.003.02.0143 fatcat:feup55lb4zh6dd5lz7hdsrtetm