Extraction and identification of trichothecene (T-2 ) toxin from Fusarium solni

Bagher Hussein, Abd Alhamza, Qassim Kshash, Sadyia Offi
The present study was undertaken with on objective to appraisal the effectiveness of trichothecene (T-2 toxin) on goats, which is mycotoxin produce by Fusarium solni by in plantation of corn grain on malachite green agar and the fungal growth was sub cultured on potato dextrose agar to isolate F. solani that inoculated in to specific media (Medium A) to produce T-2 toxin that finally purified and estimated their concentration by ELISA technique. Fusarium solni is a mould appear macroscopically
more » ... ar macroscopically as pale-brown to brown cottony mycelium and microscopically had (3-5) septate hyphae that are borne on short conidiophores which simple branched monophialides. Macroconidia are moderately curved, stout, thick-walled .Long monophialides are bearing microconidia. The toxin production with specific detectable exam by Elisa which was revealed colorless, crystalline substrate had dissolvability in the solvent of moderate polarity such as chloroform and acetone and insoluble in water ,had a peppery odor and melting point (151-152°C), and this could be turned into a powder by lypholization .