Calcified plaque detected on OCT with deep learning and cross-validated with optical and ultrasound signals: A complementary appraisal and preamble to combined IVUS-OCT catheter

Jiayue Huang, Kai Ninomiya, Shengxian Tu, Shinichiro Masuda, Jouke Dijkstra, Miao Chu, Daixin Ding, Sean O. Hynes, Neil O'Leary, William Wijns, Yoshinobu Onuma, Patrick W. Serruys
2022 Frontiers in Photonics  
The optical coherence tomography (OCT)-deep learning (DL) emerged as a promising tool for automated plaque characterization. However, its findings have not been compared with optical and ultrasound signals.Objectives: The objective was to cross-validate the calcified plaque detected by OCT-DL, using comprehensive tissue characterization technologies including OCT-derived optical properties, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)-virtual histology (VH) and echogenicity.Methods: Five years after
more » ... bable scaffold (BRS) implantation, 15 patients underwent OCT and IVUS imaging. The unique platinum markers in BRS facilitated precise OCT-IVUS co-registration. Calcified plaque detected by OCT-DL were corroborated by/with optical properties, greyscale (GS)-IVUS, IVUS-VH and echogenicity. The concordance between OCT-DL and other modalities was assessed by kappa statistics. The calcium arc measured by different modalities were compared by orthogonal linear regression.Results: Forty-three calcified plaques were detected by DL in 72 matched anatomic slices, 41 (95%) were confirmed as pure (n = 29) or hybrid calcified plaque (n = 12) by optical properties. Weighted kappa between OCT-DL and GS-IVUS, IVUS-VH and echogenicity were 0.69, 0.60 and 0.60, respectively. After having excluded artifactual optical shadowing (n = 5) generated by guidewire or platinum marker, kappa increased to 0.77, 0.68 and 0.69, with agreement ranging between 90% and 93%. Calcium arc derived from OCT-DL showed moderate correlation and agreement with GS-IVUS (ICCa = 0.81, difference = 1.73 ± 15.25°), IVUS-VH (ICCa = 0.69, difference = -5.60 ± 21.19°) and echogenicity (ICCa = 0.65, difference = 10.28 ± 18.70°).Conclusion: OCT empowered by deep learning showed substantial agreement with optical and ultrasound signals. The comprehensive assessment provided by OCT and IVUS heralds the potential diagnostic value of combined IVUS-OCT catheters.
doi:10.3389/fphot.2022.1019552 fatcat:y7r3fqehundtjkw2pth635g57q