A Newton-Krylov Algorithm for the Euler Equations Using Unstructured Grids

Luis Manzano, Jason Lassaline, David Zingg
2003 41st Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit   unpublished
A Newton-Krylov flow solver is presented for the Euler equations on unstructured grids. The algorithm uses a preconditioned matrix-free GMRES method to solve the linear system that arises at each Newton iteration. The preconditioner is an incomplete lower-upper factorization of an approximation to the Jacobian matrix after applying the reverse Cuthill-McKee reordering. The algorithm successfully converges for a wide range of steady two-and three-dimensional aerodynamic flows. A ten-order
more » ... on of the density residual is obtained in a computing time equivalent to fewer than 520 and 1, 800 residual evaluations for the two-dimensional and three-dimensional cases, respectively.
doi:10.2514/6.2003-274 fatcat:dtzb5vnpuncljizkz72aargnly