Measurement of thermal lensing in Cr/sup 3+/-doped colquiriites

J.M. Eichenholz, M. Richardson
1998 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  
The first direct measurements of thermally induced lensing in end-pumped Cr 3+ -doped LiSAF, LiSGAF, LiSCAF, and LiCAF are reported. Using a sensitive measurement technique, focal lengths as long as 40 m were measured. A thermal model has been created to determine the temperature rise as a function of position inside the laser crystal. This new model calculates the temperature distribution by considering quantum defect, upconversion, and upper state lifetime quenching as heating sources.
more » ... ing sources. Thermal lensing in the colquiriites is significantly reduced because of compensation of the temperature-dependent refractive index by the induced photoelastic stress inside the colquiriite crystal. Index Terms-Chromium materials, laser beam distortions, laser measurements, laser thermal factors, solid lasers.
doi:10.1109/3.668779 fatcat:r4wkkocuhbfx5ccxvaop3v4b7i