Single-criterion optimization of the air permeability of woven fabrics using Taguchi method

2018 International Journal of ChemTech Research  
Woven fabric's breathability is one of the most important characteristics concerning fabrics used as tents, raincoats and uniform shirtings. It is mainly evaluated and compared significantly via fabric air permeability. This study aimed to optimization of the fabric parameters influencing the woven cotton fabrics' air permeability. Twenty seven different fabric combinations using a 3 3 full factorial design were diminished to only nine fabric samples according to L 9 Taguchi's orthogonal
more » ... s orthogonal design. These fabric samples were produced, tested and evaluated. Using S/N ratios, the best combinations of factor levels which yield the highest value of fabric air permeability were detected efficiently. Woven fabrics' air permeability is significantly influenced by different factors such as, fiber, yarn and fabric parameters. Generally, basic fabric structure, fiber type, yarn and fabric constructions are considered the major effects on the outerwear garment air permeability; and finishing techniques were found to be the
doi:10.20902/ijctr.2018.110534 fatcat:6ng27jhgwfgmdk7b7z3shlvwo4