Monitoring of green rolling methods and their impact on green speed

Lukas Fichtl, Vadym Shapoval
2017 unpublished
This work deals with golf green rolling. Rolling slowly starts becoming an increasingly popular practice. However, it should be noted that this is one of the most unexplored parts of maintenance, not just in golf resorts. Because of greenkeepers concerns, this practice has not spread yet massively. On some issues, especially from the greenkeepers, this work tries to find answers. This report is focused on monitoring of golf green rolling methods and its impact on green speed on selected
more » ... In this article issues relating golf green rolling and the effects of rolling are described. The experiment compares different types of green rollers and it is focused on their impact on golf green speed increase. The aim of this experiment was to find if any type of green roller can improve green speed much more than another and if any of the experienced players would be able to recognize the difference. For all measurements the device called "Stimpmeter" was used that provides measurements of green putting speed. Another part of this research was to make economic evaluation of the investigated green rolling machines. The results of the experiment showed that the different types of used rollers have just a little effect on a final green speed increase. In other words, the differences in green speed increasing, caused by using of different green rollers, cannot be detected by any golf player. The data of the economic evaluation showed that the purchasing of the Green Tek roller is the best option from the three machines chosen for this experiment. It is mainly caused by the amount of the purchase price which was the lowest.
doi:10.22616/erdev2017.16.n163 fatcat:edpx5zi4fjb7bllfnh4f4o5jx4